SIMS Workshop 2024

The Ion Microprobe Laboratory at UCLA will be offering a workshop for graduate students and advanced undergraduate students on the application of secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) to the Earth and planetary sciences and related fields.  The workshop will combine lectures on the fundamentals of SIMS, applications to a variety of topics in the natural sciences, and practical demonstrations using our two large-radius SIMS, the CAMECA ims1270 and ims1290.  Topics of special emphasis will include geochronology, stable isotope geochemistry, trace element geochemistry, and cosmochemistry.  The workshop will be held at UCLA on February 12–16, 2024 (arrival Feb. 11, departure Feb. 16), and we are able to provide lodging and travel costs for students at US-based institutions.  Interested students can apply to the workshop using the link below. The application deadline is December 21st, and successful applicants will be informed in early January.  For further information, please contact Beth Ann Bell ( and Nozomi Matsuda (